Building towards a sustainable future

At Bulmer Leisure Holiday Parks, we don’t just want to make your experience with us as brilliant as possible, but as sustainable as possible also.

We take sustainability seriously, with an aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. To achieve this, we’re working hard both onsite and with third party suppliers and partners to implement sustainable ideas and practises to make our parks as green as possible, while not compromising on our high standards. Here are a number of ways we intend to make this a reality.

Lligwy’s Eco-Friendly Lodges

We’re proud that Woodland Falls is the first holiday park in the UK to offer eco-friendly holiday lodges. Fitted with heat pumps and solar panels, these holiday homes offer a good level of self-sufficiency, whilst also maintaining the luxurious standards of our other lodges. And with rising energy bills, having sustainable power sources can certainly help reduce your outgoings too.

Furnished and ready to move into, you can learn more by visiting our eco-friendly lodges page.

Social Responsibility

With two holiday parks across Anglesey, we understand the value in providing opportunities to local people. In employing those located on or close to the island, we believe it provides A uniquely North Walian experience, whilst also reducing any travel time for staff.

Lowering the distance for as many staff to commute to work is another important goal in reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Onsite Facilities

It’s not just the eco-friendly lodges that can make an impact, it’s the rest of our onsite facilities too. We have begun to implement a number of more sustainable features and upgrades to our facilities at both our Rhoscolyn and Lligwy sites. 

These include:

  • Airsource heat pumps to power the swimming pool at our Rhoscolyn Leisure Complex
  • Electric car charging points, with further to be installed
  • Using more recyclable materials
  • Severely reducing landfill wastage

Contractors & Partnerships

While implementing sustainable practises onsite will make somewhat of an impact, we understand that another of the challenges we face is the evaluation of supply chains. For this reason, we are working with our providers, contractors and partners who help us to deliver the high standards we offer today, but also make them more sustainable in the future.

Nature Preservation

Our Parks at Rhoscolyn and Lligwy offer very different and diverse natural surroundings. While Rhoscolyn has Silver Bay Beach and its sprawling sandy dunes, Lligwy, by contrast has it’s rich, enveloping woodland. We understand both our privilege in having these areas of natural beauty, and also our responsibility in maintaining them to the best of our ability, to ensure nature continues to thrive, while our owners are also able to enjoy them.

We are continuing our habitat restoration project, to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife at both parks. We’ve been awarded a David Bellamy Award in recent years, given for our commitment to protecting local wildlife, reducing energy use, recycling onsite waste and supporting the local community. We also run a Save the Bees initiative, with 20,000 buzzing bees living onsite in their bee hotels! Families can even suit up and become a beekeeper for the day, helping us to collect the delicious honey they produce.


Interested in finding out more about either of our beautiful holiday parks? If so, then please Request A Callback or email to arrange a visit.ΓCo-353x198px.pngΓCo-353x198px.png