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Luxury Eco Lodges For Sale On Anglesey

Ever increasing energy prices and the fear of overusing fossil fuels to generate power has led more people to look for ecologically sustainable alternatives for energy sources.

This is a crusade which is really important to us here at Bulmer Leisure, which is why we are constantly searching for new sustainable technologies and environmentally sustainable solutions at our two Anglesey holiday parks.

As part of our efforts, we are proud to announce that we are one of the first UK holiday parks to offer eco-friendly lodges for sale at Woodland Falls Retreat and Silver Bay Resort.

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If you would like to see our eco lodges in person, then why not book a tour with a member of the friendly Bulmer Leisure team. You’ll be under no obligation to purchase, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through every aspect of our stunning eco holiday homes.

What is an eco lodge?

Our eco lodges are equipped with both solar panels and heat pumps to ensure that owners cut their carbon footprint and reduce their overall energy bills and outgoings.

The solar panels have been installed on the roof of each of our eco friendly lodges which have been positioned in a location on park which ensures that they get maximum sunlight throughout the day. These panels absorb the light and convert energy into electricity to power the holiday home and heat up the water tank.

A common misconception about solar panels is that they only work properly if they are exposed to long periods of uninterrupted sunshine. However, even on cloudy days, these solar panels generate enough energy to produce electricity and hot water for all the family to enjoy.

Heat pumps meanwhile are the new big thing in the energy world. In layman’s terms, these systems work by transferring heat from the outside environment into a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger contains a liquid refrigerant which absorbs the heat and evaporates, creating a low pressure gas.

This gas is then passed through to a compressor which increases the pressure of the gas, hence raising the temperature. Our hot gas then goes back into a heat exchanger where it is circulated and heats up the water within the cold water circuit. Once this water has hit a temperature of 55 degrees it is released to the radiators in your holiday home. Still with us?

Eco Lodges at Bulmer Leisure

Why Buy an Eco Lodge at Woodland Falls?

The combination of these solar panels and heat pumps can reduce carbon emissions by up to 73%, equating to a saving of up to 511 tonnes of carbon emissions every single year. You can therefore enjoy your holiday home guilt free, knowing you are playing your part to offset the carbon footprint of your multiple holidays away from home.

Not only does it save your conscience, but it also saves your wallet too by significantly decreasing the overall cost of your energy usage. The amount you save will ultimately be dependent on the amount of energy that you would ordinarily use.

Eco Lodges at Woodland Falls Anglesey

Are Eco Holiday Homes Noisy?

Unlike generators, solar panels create no noise pollution whatsoever. You also won’t be disturbed by the heat pump with research showing that the average heat pump makes a similar amount of noise to your average gas boiler or refrigerator.

Whatsmore, your heat pump is stored in an alcove at the back of your holiday home and is only accessible from outside. This keeps it out of sight and out of mind.

Eco Lodges at Woodland Falls Anglesey

What Else Can I Expect From My Eco Lodge?

All of the eco holiday homes for sale at Woodland Falls come fully furnished and ready to move in, meaning that you could be relaxing in your new home away from home sooner than you imagined.

As a holiday home owner at Woodland Falls, you will also have access to our full annual calendar of events and activities, not to mention our superb array of on-site facilities including the Oaklands Bar, games area and high tech gym.

Woodland Falls is also just a short jaunt away from the stunning Lligwy beach which has been given a Green Coast Award in recognition of its high water quality and general high environmental standards. You can therefore rest assured that your holiday home is helping maintain the beauty of the beach which sits on your holiday home doorstep.

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