10 Things To Pack Into Your Car Before a Silver Bay Road Trip

Posted: 4th August, 2016

Most Silver Bay residents reach us by car, and because of this there are many spur of the moment road trips to our luxury holiday park – especially when the weather changes its tune and flows with glorious sunshine!

But sometimes this spontaneity can lead people to forget things. That’s why we always recommend you have a select few things in your vehicle just in case of an unplanned holiday – and believe us when we say, they’re usually the best kind of break!


1. Tissues

It may sound like an odd thing to put in the car, but tissues really can be a lifesaver when you’ve got a vehicle full of excitable little ones!

For sniffly noses, dirty hands and drink spills, they’re a great way to ensure you can tidy yourselves up whilst on the road. So remember to pack some tissues in your car.


2. Snacks

Snacks at Silver Bay for the road trip

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam whilst hungry. Tension will be running high, and both you and your little ones will find yourselves ‘hangry’ (cross between angry and hungry!)

Packing some sweets and snacks can really take the edge off it. A packet of crisps or a chocolate biscuit could be exactly what they need to keep them going until you’re able to stop and grab a bite to eat.


3. Spare change

It’s always good to have an extra bit of cash in your vehicle because you never know when you might need some money. Whether it’s paying for a toll road or picking up a few snacks along the way, spare change can be a real life saver.


4. CDs/and old MP3 player

You don’t want to keep anything too valuable in your car, but on the off-chance that you’re unable to listen via your usual method such as Spotify – try exploring your old CDs. It can be a great road trip pastime and a lot of fun for the whole family!


5. Travel pillows

Sleeping in a car isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but with a travel pillow you can actually have a pleasant nap. These pillows fit around the back of your neck and ensure your head is supported whilst you doze.

We think you’ll agree when we say that it’s a much better look than a squashed face on a car window!


6. Headphones

Headphones Silver Bay Roadtrip 2016

How many times have you gone on holiday with your iPad and forgot your headphones?

By ensuring you have some in the car, your little ones or yourself will be able to watch things on their mobile devices or listen to music without irritating anyone else during the road trip journey.

This is even better if they’re of the noise cancelling variety!


7. Wet Wipes

As well as tissues, wet wipes can also be a great idea to help clean up any messy fingers who have been enjoying chocolate biscuits.

They’re also good to keep germs and colds from spreading on your road trip!

8. First Aid Equipment

You never know what’s going to happen on a journey, so having a first aid kit close to hand is certainly a good idea.

Whether all you need is a little plaster or something more serious, it could really make a huge difference when it comes to the health and safety of everyone in the vehicle – so don’t underestimate this one!


9. Phone charger

Why is it that our phones always seem to run out of battery when we need them the most?

Keeping a phone charger in your car will help avoid any of these tricky situations – making sure you don’t get stranded on the motorway having to walk a mile to reach the nearest call for help phone!


10. Blankets

Whether you need them for a picnic, or if your car breaks down and you need to get out yet keep warm, blankets can be an inexpensive way to do this without needing to pack everyone’s winter coats on every road trip you take.

Plus, they’re also great for snuggling up with on a long journey!

Silver Bay Holiday Village


We hope you now feel prepared in case of an emergency Silver Bay holiday! There’s nothing quite like having the freedom of packing your bags and car whenever you like and heading on holiday without having to pay extra for flights or accommodation.

If you think this freedom sounds like something you could be interested in for you and your family, be sure to give us a shout.

You can contact us by filling in our contact form or give us a call on 01407 860 111 to find out more.

We also have a lovely brochure here if you’re after more information!