The Top 9 Artisans Taking Anglesey By Storm

28/04/2015 by Sam

Anglesey is a treasure trove of creativity. Artisans from across the world flock to the island for inspiration, collaboration, and to sell their wonderful products at our local markets and festivals.

So, it was only right that we dedicated this small space to celebrating Anglesey’s unique artisan heritage – both the old and new. From home-grown chocolate delights, to delicious preserves, and one of a kind paper prints, we are lucky to have such a range of talent and innovators on our doorstep.

With this in mind, here are some of our favourite local artisans taking Anglesey by storm.

1. Halen Môn

halen mon salt silver bay holiday village anglesey

Image sourced from Halen Mon.

Halen Môn has wowed the culinary world with its pure, high-quality salt and delicious flavour combinations.

The natural sea salt is harvested straight from the shores of North Wales and is a sparkling tribute to Anglesey’s natural beauty and rich natural resources.

But not only does it taste delicious, Halen Môn undergoes a rigorous filtering process to ensure it meets the purest standards.

The salt water is filtered using local charcoal and is gently heated in a vacuum to ensure the product boils at a low temperature. Eventually, this process yields beautiful salt crystals which are raked – by hand – from the water into their own unique trays.

And to make sure the salt crystals maintain their easily-identifiable shine, they are rinsed in brine and left to dry naturally.

Halen Môn has since ventured far from its humble beginnings, and is now available in a tantalising selection of flavours. Recent offerings have included ‘mermaid confetti’ (also known as laver seaweed), garlic sea salt, and even a delicious Umami blend made from Celtic seaweed and Snowdonia shiitake mushrooms.

We think this is one of the best examples of local Anglesey produce at its finest.

2. The Four Principles

Based on the four principles of solitude, acceptance, gratitude, and nurture rituals, these fragrant candles are unlike anything else in Anglesey.

Each candle has been created using pure essential oils and evokes a beautiful fragrance to help guide you through each principle. These are handmade products and have been lovingly created to help release tension and achieve complete relaxation during the meditation process.

And what’s better, these candles are made from 100% soy wax, meaning they are suitable for people with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

In addition to crafting handmade candles, however, the Four Principles also offers retreat days throughout the year – where advocates can join together and enjoy gentle meditation.

So, if you would like to learn more about the Four Principles and read some testimonials, then visit the website today.

3. Pots of Indulgence

Pots of Indulgence are based exclusively in Anglesey and produce some of the finest artisan chocolate sauces in the region.

For those of you who would like to see Pots of Indulgence in action, this wonderful company frequently attends lots of Anglesey artisan fairs to share its produce and offer new delicious treats to the public.

And don’t be surprised to see a chocolate fountain or two.

4. Anglesey Paper Company

Anglesey Paper Company silver bay holiday village anglesey

Image sourced from the Anglesey Paper Company.

With a passion for creating locally-sourced products and offering unrivalled customer service, Anglesey Paper Company are an excellent example of artisan specialists in North Wales.

This business has a strong commitment to ethical trade and succeeds in producing a range of beautiful items for the home – from lighting, to stationary, and unique journal books.

In fact, Anglesey Paper Company has become so successful that it has also opened its own shop in Llanfairpwllgwyngwll – where you can see all of these wonderful products in person.

5. Anglesey Preserves

Anglesey Preserves produces a fantastic range of award-winning jams, chutneys, and marmalades directly from their home in North Wales.

With an ongoing commitment to sourcing its vegetables and fruit locally, Anglesey Preserves ensures that all its product are the highest possible quality. They even the grow the kiwis themselves for their award-winning Kiwi Fruit Jam.

But, if you’re in the mood for some top-notch scones, then look no further than Anglesey Preserves. Having won two Great Taste Awards, twelve Dalemain Marmalade Awards, and four Wales True Taste Awards, they offer some of the best afternoon tea treats in the country.

In fact, Anglesey Preserves are so passionate about their Welsh afternoon tea they have launched a bid to make Welsh clotted cream – the first of its kind in the country.

Keep an eye on this entrepreneurial bunch in the future. We’re certain more exciting things are still to come.

6. Little Lost Fox

Little Lost Fox is one of the most talented artists to emerge from Anglesey, with a wonderful selection of artworks available for purchase.

Specialising in paper cutting, this artist creates commissioned and one-off artworks surrounding a range of themes – from weddings, to anniversaries, and special family commemorations.

Each one of these beautiful pieces is lovingly made by hand, and they have received widespread critical acclaim throughout the country.

So, if you’re looking for a unique gift straight from the heart of Wales, look no further than Little Lost Fox.

7. The Dragon’s Forge

The Dragon’s Forge is a wonderful, local forge from Rhoscolyn that creates a range of metalwork items.

Specialising in forging a myriad of gifts and items, including love spoons, poppies, pokers and horse shoe hearts, it’s a fantastic local business.

Owned by Gavin Jones, you’ll find The Dragon’s Forge at local artisan fairs and markets aplenty, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

If you’re looking for a wonderful gift, for a loved one, or simply fancy treating yourself, visit the Facebook page of this talented craftsman, here.


8. Anglesey Textile Art

Last but certainly not least, Jayne Huskisson creates stunning textile artworks and has enjoyed significant success as a result of her talent – including winning the prestigious Edmund Douglas-Pennant Award.

Jayne takes inspiration from Anglesey’s natural landscape and combines this picturesque scenery with a modern, eye-catching twist. She creates beautiful artworks on a variety of mediums, including using feltwork and silk – helping to breathe new life into the iconic Welsh scenery.

If you would like to see some of Jayne Huskisson’s superb artwork then visit her digital galleries to see more.

9. The Candle Alchemist

Candles are a staple feature of many homes. These wonderful objects bring light and comfort, and they also make perfect gifts.

We’re really lucky to have our very own candle creator on Anglesey known as The Candle Alchemist. As well as selling everything from bright, scented candles through to garden candles and zodiac candle selections – they even have their very own studio!

Learn candle making yourself for as little as £45, where you’ll get to take your creations away, or perhaps gift them to a friend.

Find out more about The Candle Alchemist here.

Top artisans in Anglesey

In North Wales, we are privileged to have as many artisans and innovators as we do – especially in our local creative oasis, Anglesey.

There are thousands of regional businesses championing the very best of what Anglesey has to offer, from our homemade culinary delights to our world-renowned arts and crafts.

At Silver Bay, our family has called this beautiful place home for over three generations, but one thing is certain. It’s never been a better time to work, play, and enjoy life in Anglesey.

Want to find out more about life here at Silver Bay? Download our brochure for more information.