Curious Message in a Bottle Washes up on Silver Bay Beach, Anglesey

Posted: 5th January, 2016

It’s not very often that something strange washes up on Silver Bay beach.

However, 2015 saw an eleven-year-old boy find something very unusual indeed during his holiday.

Jack and his mother, Nancy, both Silver Bay residents, were out beachcombing with their beloved dog when they came across an intriguing glass bottle.

Yet it was what was inside that encouraged them to find out more.

message in a bottle silver bay

The bottle contained a strange message, and even more intriguing, it was written in Chinese.

Nancy Harrington, mum to the boy who found the message said the following:

“My 11 year old son, Jack, found it at half term (he was 10 at the time!)

We were just generally wandering about with the dog, beach combing, and he found it at the back of the beach, near the sand dunes.


One of my work colleagues is married to a Chinese lady, who kindly provided the interpretation and details.”

Yet this simply added more questions rather than supplying any answers as to who sent this intriguing message, and how it came to wash up on the coastline of Anglesey.


The translated note reads:

“Gulangyu islet is the most surprising, most memorable, and the place of both my happiest and saddest memories.

At this unromantic and unremarkable islet, my romance that never stated, ended.

Three or maybe four days remain, to reminisce, to regret, to feel our emotions, where I can be allowed to quietly enjoy being with you, watching you, holding you close…

Life must continue. The things you hold on to always hold you back. Keep moving forward, keep running. With all the things there are to think about, you will eventually forget.

There is a famous saying ‘There’s nothing you can do about it, so face reality.’

You need to be happy. Don’t get too skinny, don’t feel the need to change yourself. If you want to be a good person, there’s no need to change, as you’re already there.

Wherever you may be, take time out to think in peace and quiet. Spend your days being happy with someone who is special to you.

Bye, my little sweetie, and goodbye to our Gulangyu islet.”

And on the back there was also the following, which we have been informed is the Amolensis University song;

“I remember saying goodbye outside the door of Amolensis. I will always remember the moment deep in my heart as well as your little mannerisms. Sadly you have left and life must go on. There is nothing we can do, is there?”

Since this blog has gone out, the story has been published by the Mirror, Wales Online and a range of newspaper in China as can be seen below:

chinese newspaper message in a bottle silver bay holiday village anglesey

Gulangu Island is just of the coast of Amoy City, China, and it is also known as Xiamen City.

We have recently been informed that Amolensis is latin for Xiamen, leading the message in a bottle right back to Xiamen University. Since then, a student of the university has been in touch to tell us all about the song entioned on the note which you can listen to below:

The translation of the song that we have also been provided with is as follows:

‘Be strong! Be strong!
Vast sea of learning!
Who will unveil nature’s mystery?
Jiany deep and long, let us seek the truth to no end,
Master of Southland!
Master of Southland!

Be strong! Be strong!
Misty path of living!
Who will steer forth the ship of mercy?
Lu Jiang deep and long, let us fill with love unbound.
Master of Southland!
Master of Southland!

We also have further information about the bottle it arrived in, which is a traditional Chinese drink that’s available for sale in restaurants on the island, and is made from plum juice.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from China surrounding this mysterious letter, but there’s one thing we still don’t know: who sent it.

We will be sure to update this blog with any further information surrounding the strange message – and we hope to find the author soon!

If you yourself were to write a message in a bottle, what would you put in it?

Get in touch on Twitter and let us know your thoughts about your own message in a bottle idea, as well as this one!