How to Decorate Your Luxury Lodge this Christmas

Posted: 11th November, 2015

Now that the Christmas adverts have started to appear on television, the nation is turning their attention toward the festive season – and one of the key parts of everyone’s Christmas is the decorations.

So we thought we better give our holiday home owners a little festive decoration inspiration!

If you’re looking for ways to get creative and decorate this Christmas look no further.

We’re here to help you make your holiday home, and your regular home, a festive paradise!


1. Experiment with new colours

When the festive season arrives, a lot of people will dig out the old red or gold decorations and set to work on their tree – but why not try something a little different this year?

Black tinsel trees filled with green and blue decorations can make a big statement, as can a snowy, white tree full of purple and pinks.

Don’t be afraid to go modern, from big trees to small trees, to thin trees and chunky trees – anything can be festive and magical with just a little imagination!


2. Go XXL with your baubles

We all know baubles tend to be the size of our fist or smaller, but what if you were to take your decorations one step further this year?

Baubles don’t have to be restricted to the tree, and taking the time to make and decorate some paper mache baubles with all the family makes for an excellent festive display that will leave any visitors admiring your handiwork!


3. Get creative with pinecones

pinecones silver bay anglesey north wales holiday village

There’s pinecones in abundance at this time of year, so why not make the most of them and use them to decorate your home?

Spray painting them colours such as white and silver will make them pop, and then you can incorporate them into wreaths or turn them into Christmas decorations.

Put your heads together and come up with some creative ways to display them – and be sure to let us know what you come up with!


4. Make a Christmas collage

We’re sure that if you dig through your old photographs you’ll have some amazing Christmas images from years gone by, so why not make a seasonal collage?

Every year you can pull it out and put it on display, and you can also add more and more with each passing Christmas. It really will be a tribute to the happy Christmases gone by that you can all reminisce around!


5. Create your own card displays

A bit of string and some cute pegs will go a long way when it comes to creating your own card display.

Be sure the string is stuck up well to avoid the cards falling down, and make sure it can take a bit of weight (we’re sure you know Christmas cards can be quite heavy sometimes!)

Try opting for festive coloured pegs and then hang any cards you receive from your display.

It will look beautiful no matter where you hang it.


6.Decorate everywhere, including your book shelves

If you have a bookshelf at your lodge or at home, a great way to make it a little more festive is to wrap your books up in Christmas wrapping paper.

Be careful not to damage the covers when you do (a good way to avoid this is by not taping the paper down but simply folding it around the cover). Finish it off by adding a few festive ornaments and it will really bring your bookshelf to life with festive cheer!


7. Create a magnificent wreath

door wreath anglesey north wales silver bay holiday village

Nothing decorates a front door better for Christmas than a magical wreath. You can choose to go for one already put together from a shop, or if you’d like to create something really special then we recommend you flex your arty fingers!

Wreaths can be made out of a lot of things. Some of our favourites include felt re-purposed as flowers, as well as festive coloured balls of string re-purposed into a circular display.

We also like the idea of purchasing some festive ribbon and tying them in bows. They can then also be pinned in a circular fashion to create a striking wreath that people will remember.


8. Encourage Christmas cheer with a chalkboard

A small chalkboard can be a great way to get all the family excited for Christmas. Counting down to the special day as well as leaving messages for Santa is sure to get the Christmas spirit running rife throughout your household.

So do your best and ramp up the excitement even more this year. Remember, the festive seasons really is as magical as you make it!


Christmas and Silver Bay

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It could be you decorating your luxury lodge for Christmas this time next year, so what are you waiting for?