Staycation, Staycation, Staycation: Why You Should Think About Buying a Holiday Home

Posted: 1st June, 2016

Every year families around the world enjoy going on holiday. Whether you jet out on a plane or head to your car to explore the country, getting away offers you the chance to relax and recuperate.   But have you ever considered a staycation, purchasing your own holiday property?

Holiday homes come with a wealth of benefits and when they’re located in the UK, there are even more reasons to purchase a second property.

If you’ve been having an internal to buy or not to buy debate for a few years now, then this is the blog that could settle it once and for all.

Keep reading if you want to see all the reasons why you should consider buying a holiday home for more staycation holidays in the near future.


1. It’s your own slice of paradise

One of the best things about owning a holiday home is that you get to own your very own slice of luxury.

Because you own it, you can be sure that you’re going to have a great break each and every time you visit, and you can ensure you have everything you need stocked up in your cupboards, such as medicines and drinks that will keep: ie. tea bags!

This will really help you feel like you’re holidaying in a home away from home and ultimately make you feel much more relaxed.


2. You could save money

If you own a UK holiday home then you don’t need to worry about booking flights and accommodation whenever you go away.

Owning your own property gives you the flexibility to be spontaneous and head out to your holiday home if the weather looks good or you simply have a few days off!


3. The facilities


If you buy a holiday home on a park, you can expect to benefit from certain facilities. Good sites will have a private beach, a spa and leisure development, restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.

Some also have boat parks for those who want to park their boat away from home!


4.  You can sell the property on

If you purchase a holiday home and change your mind then you also have the freedom to sell it on once you’re done with.

This means you’re not tied to a property forever and have the chance to move on if you wish.

Properties at Silver Bay also come with a longer lease than you may expect from a holiday lodge – so why not explore our options a little further?


5. It’s easy to make fantastic memories

If you really want to do something extra special with your loved ones, then a holiday home provides the chance for you all to do something amazing and fun time and time again during a staycation.

All you need to do is hop in your car and head over to your home whenever you fancy it. It really is a delightful treat after a stressful week in work!

We’re certain your family will love it too!


6. You get to make it exactly how you like it


Because you own the holiday home, you have the freedom to do whatever you like to it.

Whether you have a certain type of pillow you adore or fancy stocking up on your favourite DVDs, keeping them close to hand will always ensure you have your favorite things close by, as well as something fun to do, come rain or shine.

7. You know what you’re getting

Sometimes when you book holidays abroad you choose a gorgeous hotel and can’t wait. Yet when you arrive it might not be what you expect.

This can lead to disappointment, but if you have access to your own property like the luxury holiday homes here at Silver Bay then you’ll be happy every single time you visit!

You get to come and visit our park before you buy to really experience how amazing it is. We’re certain you’ll love it and have many happy holidays here!


8. They’re great for families

If you buy a holiday property on a holiday village/park, then you can be sure there will be some great entertainment for your children.

The best holiday parks always host some form of activities during school holidays.

For example, here at Silver Bay, kids can get involved with everything from arts and crafts to junk modelling.

It’s a fun time to be had by all and it will make sure they have a fantastic holiday each time they visit.


9. The sense of community

silver-bay-holiday-village-anglesey-the-deck house-family-at-party

When you purchase a holiday home you also get to be part of a fantastic community.

You get to know your neighbours and other lodge owners and then meet up when you next go away for drinks and get-togethers.

It also gives your children the chance to make friends with others on the holiday park, buying you vital time to relax in peace and quiet whilst they have a great time playing with their new friends!

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