We’re Proud to Announce the Launch of ELEMIS at the Silver Bay Spa!

Posted: 27th May, 2016

Here at the Silver Bay Spa we always make sure our customers leave feeling incredibly refreshed and relaxed – and to do this we ensure we only use the best products in our treatment rooms.

This is why we’ve recently added ELEMIS to our spa selection!

Image sourced from www.elemis.com.

ELEMIS is the UK’s number one leading brand when it comes to skincare. It’s also the number one British Anti-Ageing Skincare Brand too.

Known worldwide, ELEMIS makes the most of Earth’s natural resources such as powerful marine and plant actives, and this is then matched alongside stunning aromatics to create a powerful and exceptional skincare experience.

If you’re after a product that leaves amazing results after the first use then this is the brand for you. The product understands your lifestyle, and because of this and their amazing facial mapping technology, you can be sure the skin care treatments will perfectly suit your individual needs.

In fact, no matter what activities you’ve got planned during your stay at Silver Bay, you can rest assured that an ELEMIS skincare treatment will ensure you can withstand whatever life throws at you.

But how does this work? Well, it’s all down to the amazing science behind the products. Combining both nature and science has allowed the formulas to genuinely transform your skin – leaving you with an exceptional experience with results you can see right away!

ELEMIS gift sets available at Silver Bay Holiday Village

Image sourced from www.elemis.com 

All ELEMIS products undergo tests by elite therapists and the results are passed back to the brand in order to help them develop and improve products. Because of this, a product can take up to three years to get right – meaning they’re nothing short of perfection.

It’s this dedication to their craft that allows ELEMIS to provide ground-breaking treatments for both body and face, time and time again.

With ELEMIS products, you can be sure that they will never feel heavy on your face or body, and they will ensure that your skin feels revitalised after the first application.

To find out more about our spa take a look here. You can also explore our treatments below alongside our pricing structure.

We hope to see you in the near future at the Silver Bay spa!


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