10 Reasons Why Anglesey is the Best UK Holiday Destination

Posted: 12th January, 2016

You don’t need to leave the country to have a fantastic, relaxing break. But where is the best UK holiday destination? With more and more people choosing the staycation over the vacation every year, there’s never been a better time to visit Anglesey.

Discover with our blog the best things to see and do, and the reasons why Anglesey is one of the best UK destinations around.


1. The coastline

Anglesey truly has some amazing, unspoiled coastline – and it’s one of our main attractions.

Amazing to walk, beach comb, and even swim in if the weather is right, Anglesey is a breath fresh, salty, sea air! Make the beach one of the focal points of your visit to the area and prepare for sandy toes and the taste of a salty, sea breeze.

One of the best beaches in the area is, of course, Silver Bay Beach – and we’ve got the award to prove it. We recently won the prestigious Green Coast Award. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement, and we are glad our beach is a credit to the Anglesey shoreline overall.

2. The food

Anglesey is also home to some amazing restaurants, and we can’t recommend a visit enough to the ones that use local produce in their dishes. Of course, the onsite restaurant at Silver Bay features some amazing dishes that uses the finest of locally sourced ingredients.

But other favourites in the area include Dylans, The Harbour Front Bistro and also The Marram Grass Cafe.

If you’d like to discover more about these amazing eateries, be sure to take a look at our guide to Anglesey’s best restaurants. We cover some of the finest in the area so you’ll have plenty of choice!


3. The nature

As well as being home to some beautiful coastline, Anglesey also has masses of countryside that are sure to take your breath away.

Finding a place for walking isn’t hard in Anglesey, and there’s also plenty of beautiful gardens to explore such as the Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens.

Take a look at our top, nature fuelled walks to discover some of the finest, beautiful scenes in the area. We’re sure you’ll be awe-inspired at some of the sights we have to offer.


4. The peace and quiet

We know how busy everyday life has become, and with people constantly switched on and staring at their smartphones, it can be hard to ever truly switch off. Yet Anglesey makes it that little bit easier.

As soon as you drive over the Menai bridge and head onto our little Island, you’ll notice that there’s a quieter, slow place of life here that will help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

Placing your phone down and taking the time to appreciate the soothing Anglesey air is sure to have you relaxing in no time – we know it does for us!


5. There’s always something to do

Whether you’re visiting the local attractions or hanging out on one of the many beaches, Anglesey is a place where there’s always something to do.

From a fun day at the beach through to the enthralling history at Beaumaris Castle, you’ll always be able to entertain the family at the ultimate UK destination.

For some day out ideas that don’t involve you getting behind the wheel, be sure to take a look here.

Or, if you don’t mind driving, you can always take a look at these super special Anglesey attractions for inspiration far and wide across the area.


6. The watersports

Watersports may perhaps not be something you can do every day in the UK, but Anglesey is an amazing place to get into the water and have some fun!

Whether you fancy powerboating, sailing, or something else entirely – there will be a watersport for you that you’re sure to love.

Check out this blog right here all about sports in the water if you’re interested in partaking in them on your next trip to Anglesey.


7. It’s full of history

One of the great things about the UK as a holiday destination is that we have so much history here, and Anglesey is no different.

There are a wide variety of sites you can visit to get your history fix such as the ruins at Newborough Beach.

Take a look at this blog here for our top six recommendations that will get your history buds tingling! There are some amazing places to visit, and some of them are free!


8. The culture

Anglesey is home to more culture than you can shake a stick at.

There will always be something intriguing to see and some culture to pique your interests.

Perhaps take a visit to the ruins of Beaumaris Gaol (prison) or the Beaumaris Pier. There’s plenty to see!

 We also have a blog about cultural sites that you’re sure to adore. We’ve gathered the nine best attractions to explore for a fantastic break, so don’t miss out.


9. It’s a great place for dogs

When you holiday to Anglesey, your dogs don’t have to be left behind.

All the fresh air matched with the pubs and cafes that are dog-friendly make bringing your pet pooch on your break with you an excellent idea.

So don’t leave them behind and make it a holiday that everyone in your household is welcome on and sure to remember! We’re sure your four-legged friend will thank you for it!


10. It’s close to home

One of the best things about Anglesey is that it’s close to home, especially if you live in northern UK.

All you need to do is pack the family up, jump in the car and then drive a couple of hours before arriving at a tranquil destination that’ll help you switch off from the worries and strife of life.

Anglesey is only an hour and a half away from Chester and just over two hours from Manchester – perfect for a getaway for the weekend!

Silver Bay Holiday Village

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