5 Watersports That Are Perfect for New Visitors to Anglesey

Posted: 5th June, 2015

Anglesey is the perfect location for anyone who loves salt air, thermals, and stunningly clear waters. Fresh off the news that Silver Bay beach has won the prestigious Green Flag award, we thought we’d create another blog all about watersports in Anglesey.

This time, it’s all about the heart-thumping activities that make Silver Bay one of the best beaches in Wales. So if you love RIB riding, windsurfing, or enjoying a spot of fishing, then look no further.

1. Powerboats

With locations like Menai Bridge, you would be forgiven for thinking that Anglesey was built around the pursuit of watersports.

Anglesey Boat Trips offer a fantastic selection of things to do on the water – but beginners to riding the waves are guaranteed to love powerboating.

This activity involves lots of high speeds, water splashing, and an abundance of fresh air. You will also get the chance to see through Anglesey’s most iconic sights, like Beaumaris Castle and Church Island.

You will be given your own powerboat trainer who will ensure that you get the most from your activity, and you can take part with friends and family too.

If you’re really keen, you can even embark on a two-day training course to gain a Level 3 certificate in powerboating.


2. RIB Riding

Powerboating is one thing.  RIB riding?

Well, that’s something else altogether.

Prepare for one of the biggest outdoor thrills of your life. RIB riding in Anglesey is consistently voted as the best activity to embark on across the island, and it’s not difficult to see why either.

With the highest performing RIBs reaching speeds of 130km an hour, this is certainly an activity to really get the adrenaline pumping. Sea Coast Safaris also offer their own take on the RIB ride, where visitors can travel out to Puffin Island and see a variety of wonderful wildlife that calls Anglesey home – including (you guessed it) puffins, bottlenose dolphins, and harbour porpoises.

RIB rides can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Regardless of what you choose, just remember the waterproofs!

3. Sailing and Coasteering

sailing boat silver bay holiday village anglesey

If you would prefer something a little different, but no less thrilling, then we have just the activity.

Sailing and coasteering is a wonderful way to get in touch with Anglesey’s incredible maritime past.

Coasteering, for example, is a true adventure sport that sees participants scale and climb the Anglesey cliffsides for fun. You can also jump, dive, and flop into the water below – making Wales one of the most prominent coasteering capitals of Europe.

For those less inclined to jump off cliffs, then a spot of sailing is also a popular and readily available activity located in Anglesey.


4. Fishing

Whether it’s sea angling or coarse fishing, Anglesey is a perfect destination to grab the hook, line, and sinker and get outdoors.

There’s a number of fish species that inhabit Anglesey’s waters, including:

  • Tench (above)

  • Perch

  • Rudd

  • Bream

  • Roach

  • Specimen Carp

  • Crucian Carp

To obtain a fishing permit in Anglesey, contact Ynys Mon Angling Association and you’ll also access a range of other information.


5. Windsurfing

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve included windsurfing on this list. After all, Anglesey is famous for being one of the best surfing hot spots in the country.

Town Beach, with its long coastal stretch, is perfect for windsurfing and is particularly good for beginners to the sport. Providing the weather is good, you are unlikely to run into big waves – so this is the ideal starting point.

If you would like to try out an introductory weekend course to windsurfing, visit the Plas Menai website and sign up!

Watersports in Anglesey

A beautiful island retreat located in the north of Wales, you probably aren’t surprised that Anglesey is famous for its watersports.

But what might surprise you, however, is the sheer range of activities available on offer. Sports such as coasteering have taken Britain by storm – with Anglesey very much at the forefront of this new trend.

Windsurfing and RIB riding has also seen a dramatic rise in popular in recent years. That’s why sports enthusiasts from throughout Britain will travel to Anglesey to acquire their certificates and aqua sports qualifications.

If you’re going to Anglesey this summer, then you might not have the time to spend days training by the ocean. However, we strongly recommend that you give these activities a go – we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do..