What Makes a Perfect Holiday Home?

Posted: 25th November, 2015

There are a lot of essential components required to create the perfect holiday home, and here at Silver Bay we’ve refined our holiday home lodges to ensure that our customers get access to only the very best accommodation around.

But what is it that makes a perfect UK holiday home?

Let’s find out.


1. The Location

First and foremost, for a holiday home to work it has to be somewhere that’s truly special.  Luckily for us, Anglesey is one of those places. With the Welsh mountains and beautiful coastline both close by, you can be sure you’ll have access to some amazing views no matter which way you look.

These views set the tone for the whole holiday park, and they provide a relaxing place where all the family can happily unwind together.


2. The Weather

When people think of holiday homes, they usually think about spending glorious hours soaking up the sun. Yet whilst we do have sunny weather in Anglesey through the summer months, what many people seem to forget about is just how beautiful autumn, winter and spring can be when you’re surrounded by nature.

Embrace the beauty of all seasons at Silver Bay, and you’ll soon realise you can holiday in the UK no matter what time of year it is.


3. A Beach


Although we appreciate beauty can be found away from beaches, we have to say we’re immensely proud of the Silver Bay private beach available to our lodge owners.

Access is only available to residents, and we also have a boat park so that if you’d like to sail or dock your boat at Silver Bay the options are there.

It truly is a slice of paradise – and the beauty of the Anglesey coastline shines through for all our residents to enjoy. All the family will have fun on Silver Bay beach – and so will any pets too!


4. Little Touches of Decor Magic

With each and every holiday home we’ve created, we always ensure that the finer details are refined to perfection.

This means making sure that the lighting is perfect with the likes of the soft lighting in our ‘Reef’ properties, as well as including fully integrated kitchen appliances that are sure to impress.

It’s these little design quirks that make our holiday homes truly spectacular.


5. Amazing Architecture


When it comes to our suites, we really like to make a big statement. One of our favourites is the bi-fold panoramic doors that come with our ‘The Reef’ property. These doors sweep one side of the building with floor to ceiling glass, and they look magnificent.

As they are doors, they can also be opened to let the warm weather in during the summer months, and they really do offer a slice of holiday home luxury for all our homeowners.


6. Plenty Of Room

Nobody wants a tiny holiday home, that’s why here at Silver Bay we make sure there’s lots of room for everyone.

Our ‘Reef’ lodge in particular comes with three bedrooms that are very spacious. Every member of the family will be satisfied with their bedrooms and living space after they’ve explored what ‘The Reef’ has to offer.

If you’re after a holiday home with plenty of room, you won’t go wrong with Silver Bay.


7. Beautiful Furnishings

When you have a holiday home, you want it to look the part – so that’s what we offer at Silver Bay.

Our refined furnishings matched alongside our beautiful bathroom suites and stunning kitchens will make sure you feel at home, whilst also providing you with some magic holiday home touches.

We pride ourselves on offering beautiful furnishings that will impress and inspire anyone who walks through your holiday home doors – so why not what see what we have available for you and your loved ones?


8. Outdoor Space

The great thing about Silver Bay is that there’s so much outdoor space you won’t know what to do with yourself – and some of our lodges even come with their own private areas.  Our ‘Reef’ property in particular has a section of decking so you can relax outdoors in the sun.

However, even if your holiday home doesn’t have any private outdoor space, you can be sure you won’t feel left out. The vast open space surrounding Silver Bay alongside the beach are enough to keep anyone satisfied.

So why not make the most of what Anglesey has to offer with a holiday home at Silver Bay?


Silver Bay Holiday Homes

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