Silver Bay Beach, Rhoscolwyn, Anglsey

Silver Bay Beach, Rhoscolyn

If you are looking to enjoy an Anglesey Beach Holiday, then there is nowhere better than Silver Bay Beach.

Otherwise known as Traeth Llydan and situated right next to our luxury holiday park, Silver Bay beach was recently included on a list of the cleanest beaches in North Wales and recently received a Green Coast Award. This award is given in recognition of beaches which have excellent water quality and an unspoilt natural environment. In fact, we were the first private business to apply for this award on behalf of a beach. 

All holiday homes at Silver Bay Holiday Park are within walking distance of Traeth Llydan. This makes our holiday homes the perfect beachside chalets to which our owners can escape whenever they feel the need.

Doggo Friendly Beach at Silver Bay Anglesey

Is Rhoscolyn Beach Dog Friendly?

Pet owners will be delighted to know that Rhoscolyn beach is dog friendly. That means you can take your four legged friend on peaceful coastal walks or have them join you on a traditional family day out at Traeth Llydan. 

All holiday home owners at Silver Bay Holiday Park are also permitted to bring their furry companions with them whenever they frequent their home away from home. We know that dogs are as much a part of the family as any other member of your household, so it is only right that they should be able to join you on any one of your many Anglesey beach holidays at Silver Bay. 

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Things to Do at Rhoscolyn Beach

Silver Bay beach is a little off the beaten track for the majority of holiday makers, but it is directly accessible via private access from our holiday park. This isn’t the kind of beach which draws a huge crowd, it is more of a relaxing retreat where you can chill out away from the noise. 

The cleanliness of the water and gradual slope make it a great place for wild swimming or paddling. However, we would always advise caution when partaking in these activities as there does not tend to be a lifeguard presence at Silver Bay beach. Particular care should of course be taken when swimming with young children. 

Things to do on Silver Bay Beach Anglesey

You don’t have to go into the water to have a great time here though, with the sandy nature of this beach making it a great place to build a sandcastle or two. Make sure that you get plenty of practice before our annual sandcastle building competition!

If you prefer something a little more adrenaline fuelled, then you may prefer to try one of the many water sports that are popular in Anglesey. Kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing are just a few of the many water sports that are practiced here. Just remember that you will have to bring your own equipment.

Rock Pooling at Rhoscolyn Beach

Another popular pass time at Silver Bay beach is rock pooling, with the optimal place to partake in this activity being near the rock formations at either end of the beach. 

The tranquil nature of the area means that the beach is home to an array of weird and wonderful creatures, particularly in the late spring or summer months. 

Children are sure to love this educational, hands on-activity. All you need to bring with you is a bucket, net and potentially a smaller pot so that you can examine the creatures more closely. The advent of smartphones means that identifying species is far easier than it used to be! 

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Silver Bay Beach Parking

If you are a holiday home owner at Silver Bay, then you of course don’t need to worry about parking as the beach is directly accessible from our resort. 

However, those who are visiting the beach from outside of our holiday home owners community will find parking opportunities a little limited. The nearest public parking facility to the beach would be in Rhoscolyn itself, necessitating a longer walk than that which is needed by those staying on-site. 

What About the Facilities?

The facilities at the beach itself are quite limited on account of its quiet nature. There are picnic benches should you decide to take a packed lunch, but given how close your holiday home is to the beach, it is likely that you may prefer to head back to your chalet or treat yourself to dinner at our Deckhouse Restaurant

During the summer months we occasionally open a kiosk at the beach serving light bites and refreshments whenever the weather is obliging. Keep an eye on our social channels to remain up to date with this. 

Private Boat Park at Silver Bay Anglesey

Our Private Boat Park

Another of our facilities which is available to holiday home owners at Silver Bay is our private boat park. Situated within the holiday park itself, we can accommodate ships up to 6.5 metres in length here.  

There are also a number of launching options here, making it the perfect place for owners to store their ships in Anglesey. Click here to learn more about our luxury boat park. 

Many of our holiday home owners partake in sea fishing in the area. You can learn more about fishing opportunities in the local area by clicking here. 


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